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With “Light Drawings,” I explore a concept, an idea of how mistakes can be turned into advantages.   I create bumps on the surface of the sheet of a paper either intentionally or unintentionally due to its wrong handling.  This paper as the product of such an action has wrinkles, bumps, and because of it one quite easily would consider it unusable.  But for me these mistakes are actually solutions.  These newly created surfaces, “mistakes,” I follow with my drawing tool, for they are leading me to the solutions, a finalized work of art, “Light Drawings.”

In this process I carefully observe the paper and the light patterns bouncing of its surface.  Afterwards, I start executing drawings on the same sheet with rapidograph ink pen.   Concurrently I follow the structure of the surface of the paper itself, for this paper is not anymore just a 2D surface, but this paper becomes an object in whose physical structure, the structure of the paper’s surface, I am interested.  The lively and flowing biomorphic figures aroused out this effort depict the beauty and playfulness of light, and at the same time unwelcomed mistakes such as wrinkles or bumps become important parts in solutions, i.e., depicting the dance of light on the surface of paper itself.  As the matter of fact, I am using these sheets of paper to cast the light in a form of drawing.

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